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Dr Lisa Chantler​

BA (Hons) MPsych  DPsych (Clin) DipClinHyp 

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Fellow of the Clinical College of the APS

Affiliate of the Forensic College of the APS

Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Certified Advanced Schema Therapist and Trainer

EMDRAA Accredited EMDR Practitioner

AHPRA registered Clinical Psychologist (PSY0001149856)


I am a senior clinical psychologist of over 30 years experience, with a particular interest in treating depression and complex trauma. I work with survivors of child abuse and neglect as well as adult sexual assault. I'm also experienced at helping people with complicated grief and long term patterns of behaviour that interfere with their relationships and ability to get on with life. I undertake psychological assessment reports as well as risk and mitigating circumstance assessment reports for the Courts, for victims of crime and for a range of other situations in which the expert opinion of an experienced clinical psychologist with forensic training is required.

I am a past Chair of the Clinical College of the APS.

I have been a co-director at the University of South Australia Psychology Clinic, and  taught CBT skills to MPsych/PhD students at the Flinders University. I have an ongoing interest in clinically focused research and training.​

Consultations:  9.00am- 5.00pm Monday, Thursday and Friday

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