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Clinical and Medico-legal Psychology

Bridge Psychologists have been providing excellent psychological care since 1993. We consult in Adelaide and regional South Australia. Our clients range from adolescents through to life's veterans. We have the skills and experience to assist with anxiety and depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, and the job stresses that afflict both urban or rural and remote occupations.

Forensically, we have a reputation for providing thorough psychological assessment reports and risk or mitigating circumstance assessment reports for the Courts, for victims of crime and for a range of other legal situations.

We use clinical techniques, support, skills and tools that have been researched and proven effective in helping people recover from their psychological problems. We understand that mental and physical health go hand in hand for total well-being, so we value  collaboration with other medical disciplines to bring the best outcomes for our clients.

As mental health professionals, we prioritise ongoing training and peer supervision to maintain our skills and keep abreast of the latest research. Bridge is regarded as a centre of excellence where the best graduates from local clinical programs receive personalised supervision and support to become the best therapists they can be.

Our clients are protected by the APS Charter for Clients.

Making an appointment

If you are seeking an appointment for yourself, please speak to your doctor for a letter of referral or a Mental Health  Plan (if appropriate) and then ring or email Bridge for a booking. If you are unsure, we can help by suggesting the most suitable Bridge therapist for your needs.


If you are a legal representative or medical practitioner, we welcome discussing how we can achieve the best outcomes for your client. 

We know it's important to offer you a prompt service and we'll do our best to offer you an appointment as soon as possible. Telehealth appointments mean we can assist clients wherever they live, or for people unable to travel. See our Telehealth page or ring the office for more details.

Existing clients can make bookings or manage their appointments via our on-line portal.

Fees and Cancellations

Fees are payable on the day. Clinical Psychology services qualify for a Medicare rebate if you have a  Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or health provider. There is likely to be a gap between the fee and the Medicare rebate, but please speak to us for more information.​​​​​​ We are able to provide provide services for NDIS and Veterans Affairs clients.


If you are unable to attend, notify us with at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee, and so we can offer the appointment time to someone in need. 

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