There are a range of qualifications and titles used in mental health. Here's some of the more common ones and what they mean. Bridge is a Clinical Psychology practice.


The term “psychologist” is regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and only professionals who have completed approved university training can call themselves a psychologist. A psychologist is able to offer medicare rebates for an approved list of services. Psychologists work in many settings including the courts, education, sport, the corporate world, and in our case, mental health.


A Clinical Psychologist treats mental health disorders. They have completed six years of advanced academic training and a further two years of supervision with a senior clinician, specifically in treating mental health.


A fully qualified psychologist who is now undertaking the further two years of supervision to receive Clinical endorsement.

A psychologist that holds a general registration and who may work in a variety of psychological fields.

Has completed their tertiary psychology qualifications and is now undertaking two years of mentorship and supervision with a qualified senior practitioner to develop and apply their skills. During this time they are not eligible to offer Medicare rebates.

A Psychiatrist has completed a medical degree, and then continued post graduate training to specialise in mental illness. Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists may work together with clients who benefit from a combination of medical and psychological treatments.

Psychotherapists are not registered by AHPRA and may have a range of qualifications. Psychologists may use psychotherapeutic methods as part their therapy, however a practising psychotherapist is not necessarily a registered psychologist. 


Counselling is not registered by AHPRA and a counsellor may have a range of qualifications. Psychologists may use counselling methods as part their therapy, however a practising counsellor does not need to be a registered psychologist. They do not offer medicare rebates.

Psychologists are trained to use a variety of tools to treat mental health disorders. These have titles including CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy and ACT. A psychologist may use a variety of modes to bring the best outcomes for each individual client.


Consulting Psychologists