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You can't undo suicide, so you owe it to yourself to think it through and also get some advice. Also you don't have to carry this pain or despair alone. We think it's helpful to talk to someone who can help or offer good advice.

Consider these 4 points, then ring one of these numbers below.

Also, Doctors, Psychologists, counselors, family or friends are all good people to share this with to. Our Useful Links page also has some helpful websites to try.

       Lifeline:   13 11 14

       Mental Health Triage: 131 465

       Beyond Blue:  1300 224 636

       Ambulance Services:   000

Point 1. OTHERS

Your loved ones will never recover
Think very carefully about the consequences for other people. Countless people never recover from the suicide of a family member. Decades later, they are still torturing themselves about it. They cannot fix or change your suicide. Once it’s done, it’s done. They will be stuck with it for life. Perhaps you dream of that? Maybe you think life is against you? Maybe you are thinking that people deserve to suffer for the misery they have put you through? Think very, very carefully before you go down that route, because in ways you cannot even imagine, suicide will absolutely devastate the people you leave behind.


Explore every alternative: discuss this with someone
If you haven’t talked to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, you owe it to yourself to do so. Or if you have and it didn’t help- try another. If you haven’t tried antidepressants yet, try them. If you haven’t revealed to your family or friends  how you’re feeling, or your local doctor, try that too. Explore EVERY possible avenue before you take the final step of suicide. Believe it or not, there are treatments for depression that really do work. In fact, for some people, antidepressants are perfect! And while they may not completely take your pain away, they will help you to stay calm and think more clearly—and they are infinitely better than suicide. Some medications may have some negative side effects, but your doctor can help find the best solution for you. You owe it to yourself to try every other avenue, because you can always complete suicide another day. That may sound flippant, but it is meant in a very serious way. With suicide, you only get to decide once. But you can always put it off—even if just for one more day. So, put it off, and see what you can do to pick yourself back up. You have nothing to lose.  

Point 3: THE WORLD

You are important in ways you don't realize
We'd like you to consider that your life has intrinsic value. This means that opting out just isn’t an option. Doing so will leave a massive gap in the world you live in. Even people you have met in the briefest casual way have been influenced by you, and will be affected by your absence. That can be hard to consider when you’re feeling depressed; when perhaps you can’t see the goodness you bring to the table. But consider it anyway. Discuss this idea with others. You have nothing to lose.


Your life is not yours to take; you are part of the universe
Perhaps you don’t own yourself the way you think you do. You certainly can’t own yourself the way you own an object. And you can’t just casually bring your life to an end. Doing so is a very big deal. You have a moral obligation to yourself to honour your divine value. Please don't treat that casually.


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