September 2021

Developing Schema Therapy Expertise Across The Practice

Bridge Psych recently set aside several days from our usual client appointments to devote time to a series of Schema Therapy training sessions. Bridge is committed to staying at the forefront of Clinical Psychological skills, and Schema Therapy is a mode of treatment increasingly proving to be effective with a number of issues.


Dr Lisa Chantler is already an advanced Schema Therapy practitioner and trainer, and each of the Bridge Clinical Psychologists are building their expertise in this area. Each client is unique in their background and lived experience, and effective mental health treatment is never "one size fits all".  It's important we have an extensive  toolbox of treatment options available so we can find the best option for every Bridge client.

August 2021

Media Coverage of Rural Psych Needs

Since Bridge started offering Clinical Psychology  services in the mid-North of the state, Dr Lisa Chantler has been interviewed on ABC radio several times about the need for more services in the bush.

Bridge Psychologist Pete Grieve consults in Jamestown and  Spalding on a fortnightly basis, and his clients attend from right across the Northern Agricultural area.


We know this is just a "drop in the bucket" of what's needed in the state, but it's been great to have the ABC join the call for more public and private services.

July 2021

Psych Services Continue through COVID outbreak

This month's COVID 19 lock-down in South Australia was a difficult time for many people who had their working or home-lives disrupted.


We know the associated financial and personal pressures add to the difficulties our clients are already experiencing, but the good news is that as an essential service, Bridge is able to continue to see clients.

The service is called Telehealth, and it's easy to set up on your home computer, much in the same way as business meetings can be done via Zoom.Teleheath continues to be available even when face to face appointments are allowed, so please ring the office to discuss your options, especially if you are unwell or in isolation at home.

Before visiting our offices, please check the current SA Health guidelines for masks. In some COVID conditions you will need to wear a mask in healthcare settings, including Psychology. However once actually in session you will be able to remove your mask because it interferes with therapeutic communication. If in doubt, give us a call first.

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June 2021

Dr Lisa Chantler Elected Chair of APS Clinical College

In addition to her clinical work, Lisa has been an active member of the APS throughout her career, with roles on State Committees, running two National Clinical Conferences, College Deputy, and now stepping up to become the Chair of the Clinical College for the next two years. The College represents over 6500 clinicians and supports them with training, networking, research and health policy advocacy. We wish Lisa well with this important job.


Consulting Psychologists